Digital Enablement Platform

Marlo brings you an on-demand digital delivery environment on your favourite cloud

Let your developers fly - on day 1

Fully configured digital delivery environment on Google Cloud Platform, AWS or Azure

Ready in minutes - your digital teams are productive today, not next month

Fully supported, secure platform available 24x7x365

State of the art architecture and tooling give you APIs and microservices out of the box

  • Kubernetes runtime base
  • Containerised workloads
  • API Gateway
  • Secured ssh access via bastion host
  • User identity management
  • Fully automated CI/CD pipelines
  • Microservices - SpringBoot, Dropwizard, Camel

Head Office

Level 35, 2 Southbank Boulevard Southbank VIC 3006 Australia
Tel: +61 (0)3 9937 2750

Melbourne • Sydney • Rio de Janeiro • Bangkok

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