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Here is how Marlo prepared this article. We fed the talking points into Chat GPT. We then reviewed the results for grammar and clarity with Grammarly and Hemmingway. After some corrections, we subjected it to internal review. Midjourney created the accompanying banner image.

We are in the early days of using AI assistants like Open AI’s Chat GPT. How will these technologies impact our industry moving forward? The IT industry has undergone many significant changes over the years. In the past, software engineers relied on manuals for guidance and support. Tools like Stack Overflow and Google have replaced manuals. We now have instant access to information and solutions. There are spelling and grammar checkers for documentation. We use sophisticated static code checkers to improve code quality. We have access to many Open-source frameworks and tools. All this makes the job for developers easier to design, build, test and deploy software. AI assistants like GitHub Copilot and Tabnine have supercharged the IDE.

Enterprise environments are complex. Our software engineers need skills beyond coding. They engage in design, testing, cloud development, and DevOps. Multi-skilled engineers need to keep up with our ever-changing industry. The increasing pace of change will demand even more from our software engineers. Development tools have helped increase productivity, as we need to do more in less time. In the future, AI assistants will play an important role. Domain specialists could become conductors or coordinators with the help of AI tools. But these tools are only part of the picture. Quality, security, and data integrity are critical concerns for consultancies like Marlo. How will auto-generated products be validated and secured?

As these tools become more capable, we may see a shift from the information age to the knowledge age. AI tools will make work easier and allow engineers to focus on challenging tasks. These tools will also create new opportunities and roles within the industry. Those companies and individuals who adapt to these changes will stay competitive.

In conclusion, the use of AI assistants has the potential to change the way we work. We are still in the early days. AI tools can increase productivity and offer new opportunities and roles. Are you ready to meet the challenges of the knowledge age?