At our latest tech forum, James Liu, Hybrid Application Modernization Specialist from Google, visited Marlo’s Melbourne office and presented on Google Anthos and more broadly on some of the exciting tech coming out of the Google Cloud Platform.

Anthos lets you build and manage modern hybrid applications in your data centre or in the public cloud. Built on open source technologies pioneered by Google—including Kubernetes, Istio, and Knative—Anthos enables consistency between on-premise and cloud environments. Anthos is a vital part of strategically enabling your business with transformational technologies like service mesh, containers, and microservices.

The main takeaways from the session include:

  • GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) on-premise lets you create a fully managed Kubernetes cluster in your own data centre, controlled and managed from the Google console control plane – all over a https connection.
  • You will soon be able run a Google-managed GKE cluster on any IaaS cloud provider (currently AWS only). This is a great approach for businesses needing a multi-cloud strategy.
  • Anthos Config Management provides a git-based common configuration tool for all policies across Kubernetes clusters both on-prem and in the cloud.
  • Google Cloud Service Mesh provides a fully managed Istio implementation. This represents the next stage of abstraction of the underlying infrastructure.

Marlo is a certified Google Partner working with large business and government clients across Australia and South East Asia. We are Australia’s leading specialists in the delivery of microservices and legacy integration solutions in cloud and on-premise environments.

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Tech Lead Vishal Raizada recently conducted a very informative Tech Forum at the Marlo Office. He presented on Istio: Architecture, Application and Ease of Implementation.

Our tech forum presentation is downloadable here and showcases an example of Istio’s implementation, application and benefits.

Istio is now a key part of the Marlo Digital Enablement Platform – our open source, cloud-native platform which provides a complete on-demand environment for digital delivery.

The enterprise application landscape has changed a lot in the last decade: from managing on premise servers to using infrastructure as a service; from monolithic applications to building microservices.

The new world offers many benefits but it also introduces new challenges. With the distributed nature of the application landscape, service discovery and general application composition becomes extremely complex. Controls, such as traffic management, security and observability, which could previously be managed in one place now become a scattered problem.

Enter Istio, a service mesh framework, which wraps around a cloud native architecture and adds a layer of abstraction to manage these complexities. It enables a truly automated delivery process, where a development team can purely focus on code, and Istio handles the rest, including service discovery, security, circuit breaking and much more. In addition, it is programmable, hence it can be incorporated as part of the DevOps & DevSecOps process with ease. A service mesh gives control back to the enterprise application world without taking away any of the benefits.

Read Vish’s full presentation here.